• Hot Hospitality Exchange

    If you are an event professional looking to follow another fellow event professional, then look no further! Hot Hospitality Exchange was created by me, Sabrina Meyers when I was looking for hotel videos on YouTube where I could see the 'event' spaces. There is no better platform for discovering a space than video however on the largest social media platform that currently exists (YouTube) there simply was no one you could follow who was an event planner discovering venues, hotels and destinations from their perspective. So as I believe in the wisdom of Gandhi who once said 'Be the change you want to see in the world' - I decided to become that person and the channel was born.


    The content is global and diverse from my experiences attending industry forums and trade shows as a buyer, to being on-site running an event to attending familiarisation trips in different cities around the world to discovering MICE venues and hotels whilst on holidays.


    So if you are a fellow planner, please subscribe to the channel and don't forget to follow also on Instagram and Twitter which is our preferred social media trifecta. She tweets, does stories and vlogs so follow her on her work trips and discover the hotel, venues, shows and destinations on her travels.


    Instagram: @hothospitalitye

    Twitter: @hhexchange

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/hothospitalityexchange

    There's also a closed Facebook Group just for event professionals to exchange information, ask questions and give feedback on hotels, venues and destinations they have used for their event around the globe so look it up on FB and ask to join!

    I took part in the Annual Swiss Meeting Trophy 2018

    Check out what 110 event professionals from 8 different countries experienced on this amazing trip organised by The Switzerland Convention Bureau. They organise it every year and it was the 14th one in 2018!